"Amina Abdi is a D&C Student Don't Let her Bully You"-Gender Activist Maverick Says

On Friday 21st, Maverick Aoko, a controversial tweep, and gender activist advised her supporters, particularly guys, to never let Capital Fm's host Amina Abdi intimidate or prejudice them in any way.

"Amina Abdi is a D&C Student Don't Let her Bully You"-Gender Activist Maverick Says

She was responding to the trending allegations that the NTV and Maisha Magic East Tv Presenter is a bully person worse than her fellow ex-presenter Miss Mandi.

 In a post that Aoko shared on  Twitter, she stated that the media personality Amina was once her schoolmate at Kenya Institute of Mass Communication (KIMC)and she joined as of October intake. She also added that Amina was a D and C kind of student and she should never bully anyone.

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"Amina was my mate at KIMC. In fact, she's an October intake, the D and C kind. Some of us went to college with strong Bs. I was the only student from Nyando to receive a letter from KIMC. Don't let her bully u".

Aoko also added that it's through Amina`s dad that she made it to where she is today.

"it's Rabar's money that made her".

Maverick is a darling to men as she always supports their motions and does so with zeal however her Friday 21st post on Amina has landed her on the wrong side of some of the KOT fans who stated that Amina`s grades and hers don't matter she`s just being too petty.

However, Aoko`s tweet comes barely hours after KOT became furious after capital FM`s presenter Amina shared an encouraging post on her Twitter account a day after it emerged that her former colleague Mandi Sarro alias Miss Mandi was trolled on social media for allegedly bullying and discriminating ex fellow workmate Koome Gitobu at the station.

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In  Amina`s post, she encouraged her fans never to let their setbacks crush or ruin their spirits. adding that there can always be an option to opt out of the troubles.

"Never let setbacks crush your spirit. A plan B life can be just as good or better than a plan A life. You can always turn your setbacks into setups to come back stronger". she noted.

Fans on social media attacked her stating that she is a hypocrite trying to refute bullying and discrimination allegations.

Others also added that the TV girl who hosts a show dubbed the trend on NTV to debate whatever was circulating about her and her former colleague Miss Mandi.

"Kwa your trend show next week the headline should be #Workplacebullying". A Twitter fan commented.