Father’s Attempt to Reprimand Daughter Costs His Life

A 17-year-old girl has been arrested by police in Kirinyaga county after he stabbed his father to death following a confrontation.

Father’s Attempt to Reprimand Daughter Costs His Life

The man, Justus Mutiso, was stabbed in the chest by his daughter on Sunday night after he confronted her for refusing to serve him food.

The girl, who is a form two student, had been asked by her father to serve him a meal, but she refused, arguing that it was not one of her household responsibilities.

Mutiso had returned home at around 10;30 pm while drunk and demanded her daughter serve her dinner. He became enraged by the girl after she declined and tried to attack her.

The girl then went to find her mother, Magdalene Mutiso, who had gone to attend prayers at a local church.

The mother then came back to the house with the daughter and served her husband dinner before leaving.

Mutiso was aggravated by his daughter’s behavior and could not understand why she had refused to serve her.

He tried to attack the girl again but the girl drew a kitchen knife in self-defense and stabbed him in the left side of the chest.

Neighbors heard the commotion and ran to the scene where they found the man unconscious and brought him to the hospital.

Mutiso succumbed to the stab wound upon arrival at the hospital.

Police responded quickly to the scene after receiving a tip, arrested the girl, and took her into custody at the Wang'uru Police Station for questioning.

The police chief for Mwea East, Daniel Kitavi, stated that the situation was being investigated as a murder and the girl will be charged accordingly.