Here's a List of Kenyan Female Celebrities With the Highest Dowry Price

In African community society, paying dowry is mandatory; a girl must be "bought" according to her community's method of paying dowry, whether in monetary or other forms.

Here's a List of Kenyan Female Celebrities With the Highest Dowry Price
Justina Syokau

Here's a list of the Kenyan Celebrities who have decided to upgrade their prices.

1. Prity Vishy

Stevo Simple Boy's ex-girlfriend Purity Vishenwa popularly known as Prity Vishy revealed that her dowry price at the moment is at 2 million Kenyan shillings.

During an interview online, Pritty stated that she does not want any man to bring cows as her dowry price.

Prity Vishy. PHOTO FILE

2. Elsa Majimbo

Elsa Majimbo is a Kenyan comedian who turned into an American comedian. She has stated publicly that she will only consider marriage to a man who is able and willing to pay a bride price of $4 million (about Sh400 million).

“First of all, my dowry is $4 million. If you are unable to afford that... I cannot even consider,” she went on. I have been raised in a nice home, nice house, and then now you shift onto someone who doesn’t have money. How does that work?” she stated.

Elsa Majimbo.PHOTO FILE

3. Justina Syokau

The Twendi Twendi hitmaker, Justina Syokau stated that she was not expecting cheap gifts and provided examples of those she hoped to receive, excluding clothing.

Like this year I have said if a man does not bring gold, Mercedes Benz, and things like a helicopter, I mean things that are of value. If it's clothes, I've been wearing some worth KSh 50k. Surprise me, Dubai," Justina stated.

Justina Syokau. PHOTO FILE

4. King Kalala

Popular comedian and radio presenter King Kalala revealed on her Twitter account that she is worth 12 million dowry price.

"Dowry ya 12 M is that too much to ask?" Kalala Twitted.

King Kalala. PHOTO FILE