Kisii Women Cry Over Increasing Defilement Cases

Women leaders in Kisii have come out to challenge the police to up their game and arrest the criminals defiling women. This comes after increased reports of rape cases.

Kisii Women Cry Over Increasing Defilement Cases
The women representative of Kisii addressing on increased number of defilement cases.

This protest has come five days after a six-year-old girl was defiled at Kenyoro village Marani Sub County Kisii. His stepfather who is accused of this defilement is yet to be found.

The Kisii woman representative,Janet Ongera and other women leaders have challenged the police force to swiftly hunt and arrest the perpetrators of sexual offenses. Janet Ongera also blamed the community for the rising cases of defilement since most victims have been raped by close family members.

"Fathers like any other parent have a responsibility to take care of their children but unfortunately, in our community, they are the main culprits in a number of defilement cases,” she said.

She also added there's poor investigation done and in most cases the suspects have been let scot free. The affected families give up on following on their cases. In collaboration with the MCAs and other stakeholders, they have planned various activities to educate the public on gender-based violence.