KNEC Toughens Rules To Prevent Exam Cheating

Kenya National Examination Council (KNEC) has reassured candidates sitting for the national examinations beginning next week that the evaluation will be fair and students will be assessed fairly.

KNEC Toughens Rules To Prevent Exam Cheating

KNEC Chief Executive David Njengere warned applicants in an open letter that the tests would be closely watched for cheating and that anyone detected will have their results cancelled.

"Every year, a few candidates get their examinations cancelled because of cheating, it is sad for a student to miss their results after studying for several years," the examination body said in a statement.

Njengere early this month warned candidates not to be misled by teachers or parents into engaging in examination malpractice.

Today marks the rehearsal day of candidates who will be sitting for the KPSEA and KCPE which will start on November 28 and run until November 30.

Candidates sitting for KPSEA this year marks the first group of students in the Competency Based Curriculum (CBC).

The KNEC CEO also informed the candidates that the council has developed strategies for identifying exam fraud.

He advised the applicants to report any instances of cheating to the tests authority and warned them that doing so would result in harsh punishments.

“Cheating will not help you. In fact, should anyone try to make you cheat or should you know of any other candidate involved in this bad practice, you must report this immediately. You are required to thoroughly read the last page of your examination timetable under the heading ‘penalty for examination irregularities’.”

Supervisors, invigilators, and candidates have already been given instructions by KNEC to strictly adhere to the time limit and make sure that no exam papers are opened before the permitted time.

“The time allowed for each paper is indicated against the name of the paper and no extra time is to be allowed. Supervisors and invigilators should ensure that candidates are issued with personalized mark sheets that bear their correct names and assessment numbers,” the instructions read.