Ladies: Here is What Determines Your Chances of Giving Birth to Twins.

Here's an outline of the elements that boosts your probability of getting pregnant with multiple children.

Ladies: Here is What Determines Your Chances of Giving Birth to Twins.


Ladies over 30 have high chances of getting twins and the reason is because the Follicle Stimulating Hormone increases as a woman gets older. The hormone is behind the development of ovum in the ovaries before they are produced. Higher degrees of the hormone are required as a woman gets older because the eggs need more activation to develop than in a younger ladies. Sometimes the follicles go too far to the higher levels and two or even more eggs are produced leading to twin pregnancy.

Family History

A family report of birthing identical twins does not make it more possible that you will have twins. However, if you get non-identical in your family, your probability of giving birth to twins increases. If there exist fraternal twins on the mother and also father's sect, your odds for twins rises up even much more. A report of fraternal twins on the female sect suggests a higher possibility of ovulating more than one ovum per single cycle. On the male side the report of fraternal twins suggests a greater possibility of the man releasing sufficient sperm to fertilize more than one produced egg.


Ladies who are heavy weight have more chances to give birth to twins than ladies with a healthier weight. This is a sarcastic matter because overweight women have more chances to have complexities during conceiving. Additional fat results to increase in levels of hormone estrogen. Too much levels of estrogen can result to over-activation of the ovaries and Instead of producing just a single egg the ovaries may even produce two or more.


Ladies who are taller than normal have more chances to have twins. Research found out that women of about 163.7 cm in height were highly likely to give birth twins than women of about 160.9 cm. Reason this occur is not known but one assumption is that good nutrition which may result to additional height is partially the reason of increased chances of twins


Ladies who give birth while breastfeeding have more chances to giving birth to twins than ladies who are not. It's correct that breastfeeding can also put down fertility and limit pregnancy, especially during a child's first 6 months if the child is entirely breastfed. However it is likely to get expectant when breastfeeding.