Low-Risk Investment Opportunity for Low Income Households

With the ongoing rise in the cost of living, every household desires to build a portfolio of quality investments that will help them get ahead financially and achieve long-term goals. The desire has, however, remained to be a dream for most low-income households who are left hunting for a low-risk, high return, and inflation-beating investment opportunity. Behold, an investment opportunity for you

Low-Risk Investment Opportunity for Low Income Households

There is no doubt that real estate is one of the most fruitful and stable forms of investment. Nyota Njema real estate, therefore, provides you with this opportunity; an opportunity that offers greater flexibility, low initial investments, quick appreciation, with no gap between purchase and possession, no maintenance cost, and land is also a finite asset.

Greater Flexibility

A plot of land is like a blank canvas to build your dream home. You can design your home from scratch, add elements that are important to you, and even use your choice of materials. A house lasts you a lifetime, therefore it’s important that you have the power to design it in a way that matches your personality and lifestyle. Nanyuki plots, through Nyota Njema, give you this flexibility.

Low initial Investments

A plot of land is much more cost-effective. They have low entry ticket sizes means that even young investors can purchase them without any financial obstacle in their way. Many investors, in fact, choose to purchase land early in life and build a home on it later, when they have more savings. With the opportunity offered at Nyota Njema real estate, one only needs to have Ksh.50000 deposit- entry ticket and pay the remaining in installments. An opportunity that is affordable even to low-income earners.

Quick Appreciation

The most attractive feature of real estate investments is that they are almost guaranteed to appreciate. But while land and residential homes both have this in common, investing in a plot might give you an edge. Over the last few years, land has been appreciating much faster than residential property. The value of land is also dependent on the surrounding infrastructure such as development, water, electricity, and security – all available in Nanyuki. Improvements in the latter will guarantee a direct increase in the former. When clubbed together with the low investment required to purchase it, the land offers much higher returns in a shorter period.

No gap between Purchase and Possession

Investing in a home that is under construction, individuals need to wait until it is fully completed to take possession. Depending upon the stage of construction the project is in, the final handover can take a year or even longer. With a plot of land, there is virtually no possibility of a delay. Since land doesn’t require any construction, owners can take possession of their new asset since Nyota Njema has ready Title deeds.

No Maintenance Cost is required

Whether you plan on living in your purchased home or not, you will still need to pay a certain amount for maintenance. Some of these charges are constant, for example, the maintenance fees issued by housing societies. Many times, however, they can be unplanned, as is in the case of plumbing issues, electrical problems, renovations, etc. With a plot of land, there is virtually no maintenance required. Even the most hands-off investor can purchase land without having to worry about regular upkeep.

The land is a Finite Asset

One of the biggest advantages of investing in land is that it is a finite resource. New residential high-rises will continue to be built, but there is only a limited amount of land available for ownership. Because of this, owners can be certain that their investment will constantly be in demand as a result of which, its price will continue to appreciate.


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