Philip Murgor Gets Emotional On Live Interview as This Happens {VIDEO}

Renown lawyer Philip Murgor stirred mixed reactions online after he became emotional while he was being interviewed at the Supreme Court headquarters in Nairobi in a bid to get the new Chief Justice.

While the lawyer was disclosing about his mother, it got to a point where he got so emotional to almost shed tears but was able to control himself and continued talking to the commissioners.

According to Murgor, he originated from a polygamous family where his dad had four wives, and due to competition in the family, he learned to be close to his mother.

 "My mother who has passed on was very close to me. She is the person that I am today. She taught me the virtues of fairness, kindness, compassion and I salute her today. I am here because of my mother and I'm truly grateful," Philip Murgor disclosed amid strong emotions of his mother's memories.