VIDEO: Lady Causes Drama After Pastor Squandered Money she Sent while working in Saudi

A young Kenyan Lady  who was  working in Saudi Arabia  caused fracas at their church back in Kenya after she noticed that her pastor squandered all the  money she sent for him while in Saudi Arabia.

Accordint othe lady, she sent ksh. 400, 000  for th paster as an investment money. She was ironically schocked to find out that  their was no any proof of accountability of teh money she had been sending.

Their was no any nvestemnt carried out by the  paster but he used teh money for his personlal gains.

From teh video that angry lady can be heard shouting while demanding fort hepossession of her mony.

Screen Grabs showing the lady quarreling. 

"Nataka pesa zangu, watoto wangu wanalala njaa kwasababu pastor alikula pesa yangu niliofanyia kazi nikiwa saudi Arabia.

"I want my Money my children are sleeping on anemmpty stomach because i sent all the money t i worked for  to our pasteor while in Saudi Arabia"

Screen Grabs showing the lady quarreling. 

Cases of family and friends Squandering money sent to them by  relatives working in the middle East have  been on the rise.