KOT Reacts as Bandits Conduct Parades after Alleged Attack In Kapedo

Kenyans on Twitter are now demanding the action of relevant authorities after a viral video of  alleged bandits celebrating and conducting a parade went viral.

In the video, a group of men can be seen singing and celebrating in the local dialect. This has been alleged to have happened after a deadly attack that took place in Turkana on Sunday 25th September that left at least 7, police officers, dead.

Concerned Kenyans urged the government to hasten up with the security in the affected areas.

"These bandits have the audacity to even conduct pass-out parades? Turkana and Pokot must be liberated from the hands of these killers".

The viral video comes barely a day after 11 people were killed in Turkana East by Bandits on the night of Saturday, September 24.

Eight police officers, two civilians, and a chief were among those slain, according to a statement by police spokesperson Bruno Shioso.

When the armed thugs attacked the officers while they were pursuing the cattle rustlers, they also stole some of the animals.

"The National Police Service regrets to inform on the criminal and cowardly ambush by cattle rustling bandits on innocent members of the public and police officers. The officers were in hot pursuit of Pokot bandits who had raided a village in Turkana East and made away with livestock.

"A local chief, two (2) members of the public, and eight police officers succumbed to the injuries," announced the National Police Service (NPS) in a statement.