Puzzle On Nyamira Killings

Police are still looking into a case of slain couple in Nyamira

Puzzle On Nyamira Killings

According to the statement from the house help who had only worked for the couple for a week, she went to sleep immediately after serving them and  their visitor food.  The couple were on a vacation in their Nyamira home from the United States. The gardener also said that he rarely visits the main house. He locked the gate at his usual time.

Their grandson says that they had spoken that very night but they did not mention about the strange visitor. He added that he  got concerned when he heard that the couple was still sleeping at 10 which was not their norm.  He took action and went to the bedroom.

His grandmother was lying in a pool of blood with her hands tied on the bed with a wire and she had been smothred with her throat slit.

His grandfather`s body was in the garage in the same condition. 

Even though the house is fitted with CCTV cameras, the grandson say that the police are yet to check if they were working.