The Wave Of Politics

Stand strong and never be swayed. It's just a matter of time and you'll be a lonely person while they'll be eating fat, all thanks to your support

The Wave Of Politics
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It is yet another time that they've all of sudden become so humbled. Sitting with us on the ground, building our houses, speaking the language we long to hear, coming to us at a personal level, hugging us, and even letting some of us ride in their convoys. It is that time that a male politician will carry water on his head while the female one will help make tea in our smoke-full, mud kitchens or even help Mama mboga cut her veges. 

Right now they are trying to secure their wealthy future, let them get stained and smell cheap like us. August will come and we'll faithfully vote them in again, forgetting how unfaithful they've been for the past five years since that time we elected them. You can go ahead and stain them with your Moshi ya Kibanda when they come eating with the kawaida mwananchi. Let them smell like fish, goats, mukimo, omena, mtura and all that. After all, they'll all take that good bath again in their home bath tabs, put on their expensive clothes, and smell rich after the results of August's General elections. After that, you'll never see them again. They'll then start flying again over your homes, or pass you by the road said, leaving you to swallow the thick cloud of dust. You'll just hear people whisper around, "Mwesimiwa amepita," or during a prominent person's funeral or the once in a while project launchings.

Dear brother 
Hello sister with the best ululation
Yes Baba Nani

Just tame your mouth not to be fed and used to insult other aspirants, your neighbor, opposition supporters, people with different ideologies from your own

Bro man, I dare you not to be used as a tool to fuel violence during this delicate time that we need peace and unity of thoughts more than ever. You won't die staying calm and spreading life. It's that violence and rowdiness that's going to lead you to your grave early 

Baba and Mama Nani, I know each of you has their own preferred candidate. Actually, you both leave the house very early in the morning since you're all delegates to your personal choices. But again, it's not a must that it gets that serious. You might just be differing within the house and that's very okay. Just don't let this short period of a thing be the end of your relationship or marriage. There's more to life than politics 

Kindly, keep your child off politics. They're very innocent and capture all that we say. The kind of hate we have towards another tribe. I once read about some wealthy parent to a bright, Lowe primary boy. One time during a class lesson, the child got involved in a political exchange with another pupil, from another tribe, and ended up calling him names. The child was told to come along with his parent the following day. The father proudly said that his child has a right to express himself and went ahead to defend his child's behavior saying whatever he said is true. The headteacher said there was a need for an apology but the parent declined, saying his child is very bright and can go ahead and transfer him to another school. He did! I am wondering, is it fire out off or fuelled?

Not only that, I was recently shocked and disturbed by some child's comments during a political rally somewhere within our state. As a parent, that child wouldn't have been allowed to make any comments about other political leaders because he's a no deeper understanding of anything going on politically. Don't let your child be used as a campaign tool 

One last thing, we have different opinions and it's through disagreement and agreement that we firm solid ground. Don't take personally the kind of talks on the streets about your political rival or the person you support. Just because you differ with someone about their opinion doesn't mean you're right and they are wrong, and vice versa is true. 

Just like the wave in the ocean, so are the politics. Don't let it sweep you into drowning. We can be better so let's do better. Politics at the end of the day is a game for the smart, not the famous