Things to do Before Getting into another Relationship.

Things to do Before Getting into another Relationship.
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Things to do Before Getting into another Relationship.

Human beings are created to seek connection and comapnionship. And in pursuit of that, they make mistakes that end up breaking relationships.

Hurt, regret and blame often follows.

Until they meet someone else they want to get into a new relationship with, maybe this time hoping that this person might be the one. However, it doesn’t work out and they part ways. And then onto a new one. It become a cycle that they are unable to break out of.

This mostly happens because they fail to realize a few crucial things. There are things that you should do before getting into a new relatonship.

  1. Be ready.

Some may say that there is nothing lie being ready and prepared for love but they are wrong. You can meet the greatest person, one who compliments and appreciates you, but if you aren’t in the right head space, you will find yourself ruining it


  1. Deal with your past traumas.

Having been hurt before, you will be carrying those feelings with you until the day you deal with them. You will find yourself taking iy out on an innocent person, feeling triggered by small things and this will ruin your new relationship.

  1. Understand yourself.

Before you can expect someone else to understand and accept yu, you will have to to do that for yourself. Having knowledge of who you are, your likes and dislikes and where you want to go in life will serve to help you set boundaries and teach others how to treat you.

  1. Love yourself.

How do you expect others to love you if you can’t and don’t love ypurself? How do you suppose you can give that which you do not have? Love iothers as you love thyself. When you know how to love yourself, you will not settle for less and you will not seek validation andacceptance from external sources. You will get into a relationship not from a place of lack but because you want to share in this beautiful life.

  1. Stop seeking perfection.

Human beings are flawed. They make mistakes and they do and say tings they shouldn’t do, and somtimes, they do so unintentionally and withoiut malice. With this knowledge, you will seek someone who does and says all the right things and you won’t be quick to cut off those who are trying but failing. You will be patient with yourself and with others.

This are just but a few of the things you need to know and do before you get into a relationship. Relationships involves work and effort to make them successful. Therefore, do not expect a smooth ride. But on the other hand, if it too much work and not worth the effort and hurt, let it go.