Ladies Avoid Dating These Types Of Men

Ladies, there are types of men that you should never date in your life but instead run away for your life.

Ladies Avoid Dating These Types Of Men

This is because such men will give you headaches and heartbreaks which are unhealthy for you.

Below is a list of such men that you should avoid as a lady :

1.Mum's boy.

These men will always involve their mothers in each and everything going on in their relationships and such cases, a lady in such a relationship suffers a lot since you have no say.


2. Married men.

These men will never love to take you as their spouses but will rather cheat on you as they are to their wives. So sister runs for your life for such men.

3.Don’t Care

These are the type of men who won't care how much you love them or miss them but instead will always ignore you even after a long time of miscommunication. Be very careful with such men.

4.Less desperate men.

These men will only feel your importance whenever they want certain satisfaction, you know what I mean. Be very watchful.

5.“You Know I love you”

Men with regular narrative “You know I love you” without actions are pretenders. Do to date such men

Love is also portrayed through actions, so draw between the lines.

6.F Wordy men

Men who regularly use f**CK in their vocabulary are not men enough it shows some level of immaturity. Real men are careful and do watch over loose tongues.