VIDEO: Another Kenyan Lady In Saudi Arabia Seeking Help After Being Poisoned

In a viral video, a Kenyan lady named Faith has been reported to seek help from Kenyans after a lady named Lucy came to her rescue to ask for assistance with her medical condition.

In a viral video seen by this publication, a Kenyan lady named Faith has been reported to seek help from Kenyans after a well-wisher named Lucy came out to ask for assistance concerning her medical condition.

According to Lucy's reports, the lady was brought to her home after her health began to deteriorate. She went on to say that Faith was brought to her house because her body was too ill to travel back to the country.

"She was brought to my house. She is paralyzed. Her condition has deteriorated to the point that she can not travel," Lucy stated. 

She also reported the case to the embassy several times but there was no action taken on the case. According to the video clip seen, the lady was seen to be shaking and was not able to walk by herself.

"We reported to the people of the embassy. They came to my house but they could not help. She can not stand by herself. She's only shaking her body," Lucy noted.

It is reported that the lady was allegedly poisoned after seeking medication and the poison caused harm to her nerves were destroyed making her not to be able to walk properly.

Lucy further appealed to well-wishers to help in contributing enough funds to return her back to the country and to also seek further medication.

Lucy stated that she was staying with Faith at her home at the time the video was released. Faith's family members are still unknown.

After the video went viral, particularly on Twitter, ex-Nairobi Governor Mike Sonko came out to inquire about the lady's details so that he could assist her in safely returning to the country. He went on to say that there must be a permanent solution to such cases as those seen in Saudi Arabia.

Another case was also reported after a Kenyan lady was also seen in a video clip by his publication to be laying on the ground after she was abused and given the wrong medication.

Kenya ladies being abused in Saudi Arabia cases have been increasing in the country as some people including Former Nairobi governor Mike Sonko urging Kenyans to avoid going to that country as they are abused by their employers.