Sugoi Women who Have been Stranded in Nairobi Are Now Seeking Ruto`s Help

Two women who traveled to Nairobi for President William Ruto's inauguration on September 13 from Sugoi in Uasin Gishu county are currently stranded and are looking to meet with the President to help them get back home safely.

Sugoi Women who Have been Stranded in Nairobi Are Now Seeking Ruto`s Help

The pair, who traveled 300 kilometers while towing a cart, regrettably missed the swearing-in ceremony because they got to Nairobi late.

The two are still in Nairobi three weeks after President Ruto took office, and they now say they won't leave until they have a meeting with the Head of State.

Evelyne Chepkemei stated that they are attempting to schedule a meeting with President Ruto so that they can "pray together" and give him the victory cart.

"I came from Sugoi to witness Ruto's swearing-in after there I went to State House with my cart. Upon my arrival I was asked to produce my appointment then I said my appointment is the cart. I was then directed to go to Karen where I went and left my cart there hoping I would get my appointment," she told The Standard on Thursday.

Eunice Tabut (Left) and Evelyne Chepkemei(Right). PHOTO File

"Up to now I have not met Ruto and the main thing that brought me to Nairobi is to award him this cart as we talk and pray together for Kenya Kwanza's victory."

Their host has been a "good Samaritan" throughout the time they have been in Nairobi, according to her colleague Eunice Tabut.

"We traveled for a period of 5 days and when we left there we were tired. We met with a good Samaritan who has hosted us for the last three weeks and we have not been able to meet President Ruto," said Ms Tabut.

"We were patient when he went to Queen Elizabeth's burial and now that he is back we seek to see him so that we can head back home."