Why The Common Mwananchi Is As Corrupt As The Kenyan Politician

A famous Kenyan artist once so frustrated with our government, went to the studio and recorded a poetry, called it WAJINGA NYINYI, Referring to the leaders we have in this country. King Kaka is just but a fraction of many artists who through their art, have tried to communicate that kwa ground raia inaumia.

Why The Common Mwananchi Is As Corrupt As The Kenyan Politician

Juliani would get so irritated and sing,SITASIMAMA MAOVU YAKITAWALA. Sauti Sol would feel they have a part to play,and tell us TUJIANGALIE,Tuko pabaya Leo kuliko Jana. I chose to use the artists because they are called Kioo Cha Jamii;I mean, You don't need to live in Kenya for 10 years to know that majority,if not all Kenyans are disappointed people.

Source: News of Israel, a photo of Kenyan Youths displaying dissapointment in a protest

Ask a typical Kenyan,what they think our biggest problem as a country is,they will not hesitate to mention 4 things: Bad leadership,Greed, Unemployment and Corruption. This is according to a research I conducted,bad leadership carrying the order of the day. Kenyan politicians are bad,like bad. To most of them,politics is their job,wako job..and the citizens are the stock of the business. To them, politics is a game, may the most intelligent win. You keep shouting bottoms up, and BBI until chai inapoa kwa hoteli as you argue who is better than who,and how they are planning good things for your future. Majority of this politicians,all they have known in their life is politics, they feel entitled to their seats.

There is another research I conducted on my social media,asking people to respond to the following question. 'If you found yourself on the wrong side of the law,and it is on a Friday evening,would you rather bribe the police, or would you rather go to the cell until Monday,and wait to be aligned in court. 100% chose the former,some seriously saying,that cannot be classified as corruption. My question then becomes,is it that Kenyans on one hand are crying ooh corruption,ooh end corruption but on the other hand, corruption has become part of our system, that we cannot live without it for basic survival. I mean,it would be foolish to spend a whole weekend in cell,pay a 20,000 fine,when the police would have accepted 2,000 shillings. By giving 2000,am I being corrupt,or am even saving time,saving government money, and because 2000 is still painful,I will be careful not be on the wrong side of the law next time? You tell me.

Is it that Kenyans we actually love corruption,and we would have no problem with our leaders eating our money,if only they would eat with moderation,I mean,if only they would be reasonable...someone actually gave me a very practical answer and said,if for example a politician is given 1 million to build a road,if he would just eat like 50k and then give us a good road,we would be very proud of him. This is because there is an unwritten rule in Kenya which states, 'Mtu hukulia kazi yake'. Those are not my thoughts though. But mwanasiasa ni Nani, he will eat 600k,Barabara itengenezwe na remainder,and this is what is classified as greed. Why a wheelbarrow of 10k would end up costing 100k,is simply because somebody somewhere is being greedy. If the wheelbarrow would rather cost 15k or 20k,we wouldn't complain as much,but who is Kenyan politician.

Source: Nairobi leo, The Kenyan President, who has been at the forefront to fighting corruption

But another question arises; why are these corrupt people in government offices so bold, to steal so much in broad daylight. I believe that is where the rubber meets the road. Is it because,nobody cares..after all, it is government money, and we are supposed to benefit to the maximum when we have the chance. Many people in government positions are there through back doors, some have paid huge sums to be there. Or is it that everybody in supervisory leadership, find it hard to hold their juniors accountable,and the slogan is,' Bora ukishikwa ujue vile utajitetea'. This is what I personally think,I think most of the people involved in big corruption scandals were once like you and me. They once believed in taking very small and unnoticeable amounts,and it seemed right for a moment,and they were comfortable. Then as time went by,they grew so comfortable and felt they needed to graduate. They graduated and felt nobody really cared much, I mean... it is the same with this scenario. When one is employed as a new employee,they are very well behaved. They arrive at work on time, don't live before time and their work is very profound. But with time,they start getting familiar,one day they are late and they think the supervisor Will be harsh on them,but it's not the case...they start getting bold in doing mistakes because they learn that nobody really cares.

To think we are saints and judge our leaders is lying to ourselves. The simple truth is,our leaders are a sample of the greater population,and hence are a true reflection of who we are.  If the problem of our country is bad choice of leaders,it is simply because we do not elect leaders,we elect our friends,and our family members,and those who we feel pity for,not leaders. When we elect our leaders,we now say,huyo ameomoka ..where in real sense it ought to be a position of servanthood. It ought to be a position you'll called to wash people's feet,not drive big cars and become scarce in order to increase in value. But Kenyans hate poor politicians,and they will hate you if you finish your term and you'll not rich yet. I feel Kenyans we are praying for rain but we keep washing our clothes, and pray for them to dry. What do we really want?

If Kenya will see the light of day,we will need servant leaders. We will need to start small communities of people who think alike,and slowly start the process of deconstruction, and unlearning of what we've grown up believing. End of corruption and bad leadership Will never be a one man's show. I agree with the president when he stands and says, corruption will end because of my effort and your effort. Until the politician seat starts being unattractive, because it carries so much responsibility. We will start creating communities of 5 people,who believe in servant leadership,and who are ready to sacrifice even their lives for the sake of our country. Who are in it for the heart not because it is a game. Then we will grow from 5 to 10,then 20,then 100,1000,10000,1000000 until the time,from the general population,we will produce a sample of leaders who reflect good leadership, because that's who we will be,a good population.Then the issue of Unemployment will be solved automatically.