Winnie Odinga Fails to Show up As President Ruto Meets with EALA MPs

According to images shared by State House Kenya, it was noted that Raila Odinga's daughter, Winnie Odinga did not show up during a meeting where President William Ruto met with the elected EALA MPs.

Winnie Odinga Fails to Show up As President Ruto Meets with EALA MPs
Winnie Odinga

Winnie Odinga is yet to give a statement on why she missed the EALA meeting as all the members who were elected showed up for the meeting. This was the first meeting that the EALA MPs had with President Ruto since their election in November 2022.

From the images shared, members from Kenya Kwanza and Azimio la Umoja coalitions were present. These included; former Mombasa Senator Hassan Omar, former nominated MP David Sankok, former Nandi Woman Rep Zipporah Kering, Youth Leader Mwangi Maina, and Iman Falhada, former Kieni MP Kanini Kega, Mombasa Businessman Suleiman Shabal and Wiper Leader Kalonzo Musyoka's son Kennedy Musyoka.

President Ruto & EALA MPs. TWITTER

During the meeting, President Ruto urged the MPs to focus on trade and investment in the region. 

"When we talk about trade and investment, there are no political parties; do your best for our country and economy," Ruto stated.

According to reports, the EALA MPs are set to be sworn in on December 21 in Arusha, Tanzania. The MPs further stated they would put aside their political differences and focus on Kenyans first.

Kenyans have gone ahead to state that Winnie Odinga's absenteeism in the meeting could be a result of the heated exchange that has been witnessed between her father Raila Odinga and President Ruto.

Here are some screengrabs about what Kenyans had to say.

This comes also when Azimio la Umoja leader, Raila Odinga made a statement on December 5 that he will be holding a public consultative meeting and not a protest. The meeting is scheduled to take place on December 7 at the Kamukunji grounds.

"The Kamukunji event on Wednesday is a public consultative forum. It is not a call to public protest. It is not maandamano. It is a coming together of Kenyans to share views on the state of affairs in the country," Raila stated.

Raila affirmed that the meeting will be peaceful and orderly. He also warned that the Kenya Kwanza administration would be held responsible if the meeting was disrupted.

"We have appealed to those attending to be peaceful and orderly and we trust they will be," Raila stated.