2 Types Of Exercises That Can Help Prevent Erectile Dysfunction (ED)

Many men have problems getting and keeping an erection, which is called erectile dysfunction (ED).

2 Types Of Exercises That Can Help Prevent Erectile Dysfunction (ED)


This can happen for a number of reasons. Physical problems like heart disease, diabetes, obesity, and low testosterone are often the cause. People may have psychological problems, blood flow problems, hormone imbalances, or nerve damage. Muscles, especially those that help keep a man's erection strong, may lose tone and strength over time. People who have problems with their erectile function can get better by exercising (ED).

Workouts for the pelvic floor muscles help them become more strong. These exercises are called "Kegel exercises." Women do Kegels to get ready for childbirth and to keep their muscles strong after they give birth, so they do them. Kegels are also good for sexual health and urinary continence. This article, according to Healthline.com, talks about two types of exercises that can help keep erectile dysfunction at bay (ED).

Exercises to Get Rid of Erectile Dysfunction

1. Aerobic Disease
The first thing you should do is do aerobic exercise. People with erectile dysfunction can work muscles other than the pelvic floor to help them get better. The American Journal of Cardiology says that aerobic exercise may help people who have ED get better. It is often caused by a lack of blood flow to the organ. There are a lot of things that can slow down blood flow and cause ED, like obesity, diabetes, high cholesterol, and heart disease. Add aerobic activity to your daily routine to improve your general health and your ED.
2. Kegel exercises.
The bulbocavernosus muscle can be strengthened by kegel exercises. This is because they help to build the muscle. During ejaculation, this muscle pumps blood into the manhood. It also pumps during erection. This muscle helps with urination by emptying the urethra.