Attention Men! Here are 3 Types of Ladies you should Date

There are three types of ladies that men should consider when choosing ladies to date. This is because different men have different personalities and feelings and therefore before one decides to date you should go for the type of your girl.

Attention Men! Here are 3 Types of Ladies you should Date

Well below are the types of ladies men should date and trust me such relationships do flourish.

1 Shy Ladies

Dating Shy ladies is the best, this is because Shy girls are always trustworthy. They will give you the best love you deserve and pay more attention to you.

She knows when you need personal space and she will give it to you.

2 Play Girls

They are always meant to be beautiful, smart, and funny. She knows her worth. She has the power to control most men. The playgirl has a lot of male friends. She is very hot and cold hence you are never sure of her next move in life.

3 Sporty Ladies

They tend to leave healthy life, they like checking on their diet most regularly and therefore dating such ladies can be advantageous to you as a man. This is because you will change your diet and you will start exercising which will be a benefit to your body.