BBC On the Spot For Ignoring Worldcup Opening Ceremony

The British Broadcasting Co-operation {BBC} is currently on the spot for failing to cover the Qatar world cup opening celebrations that took place on Sunday 2oth November 2022.

BBC On the Spot For Ignoring Worldcup Opening Ceremony

Details sourced by this publications revealed that the Popular Media house BBC ignored the entire event in favour of a broadcast criticising the treatment of migrant workers, highlighting corruption at Fifa, and discussing the ban on homosexuality in Qatar.

However, the BBC failed to provide an explanation for why it had moved coverage of the opening ceremony, which is often a chance for host nations to project soft power abroad, to an online-only feed. 

Additionally, Even the BBC's former football players who were called in to analyze the game itself disproved the notion that politics should be kept out of football. Former England player Alex Scott made fun of Fifa's president Gianni Infantino for saying he might feel sympathetic toward migrant workers and the cost of going to the World Cup.

"You will never know what it is like to be a migrant worker. To keep saying football is for everyone – it’s not. You can’t say football is for everyone,” Scott said".