Dear Life Episode 2 : Isolation is comfort away from pain.

They say the past is the best teacher; it teaches you how to change mistakes and improve previous wins. But does it heal old flesh wounds brought about by the evils of humanity or the unforgiving soul of Karma?

Dear Life Episode 2 :  Isolation is comfort away from pain.

Now let me get into the brutal truth of my experience… where shall I begin?

Growing up without parents who didn’t show you what life truly met constantly remind you how useless you and in life, never looking your way when you needed that little affirmation and never supporting your hopes and dreams. Everyone’s dream is to have parents who spoil you rotten with affection, care, gifts and all you can imagine. Yet what you receive are insults behind your back, the side-eye and ass whooping for no particular reasons. You try and make them smile in return, and you get a back slap or a shout chasing you away. You can’t even try to start a conversation without flinch awaiting a beating. Times were hard; your room would be your solitude; nursing your wounds and broken hopes from the prying eyes of judgement and criticism.