Five Secret Things Ladies That Ladies Are Looking For In Any Man


Five Secret Things Ladies That Ladies Are Looking For In Any Man
Five Secret Things Ladies That Ladies Are Looking For In Any Man

As a man, there are aspects that ladies are looking for in you so as to be categorized as a gentleman. Any man would always want a fine lady to be his girl but despite all the hard work put in place some still don’t find this woman. What could be hindering you from getting your girl of dream? Here are key things you need to put in place.

  1. Haircut

I know this point may not seem as important as it seems but trust me, many ladies prefer a guy with a decent good-looking haircut but if you’re not a guy who loves haircut try to put on dreadlocks. This turns on the ladies to some extent.

  1. Cleanliness

Any lady would love his man to be a clean man. This makes it a necessity to any man. Make sure you take a shower at least once or twice a day and if you are a man with active sweat glands do not forget your deodorant at any given period of a smile. Besides been clean ascertain that you smell good to add points into your account.

  1. Body fitness

This is a vital aspect of this subject. Any lady would love a fit man to a non-fit one. Make sure you’re good-looking and always spare some time to hit the gym. This will also add points to your accounts.

  1. General behavior

This is where many men usually mess up. They usually think that whenever you’ve got the Gs any lady will fall for you of which is not always the case. We’ve seen beautiful ladies abandoning their good-looking rich boyfriends for a mid-class man. Well, this might be the answer. Always behave well in front of your girl or crush when you’re selling the manifesto of your candidature.

  1. Money

Even if you have the above five things without money, your crush can simply show you the ‘you can’t afford me look’. But when I talk like this I’m not talking of millions, just have enough money to maintain your girls’ hair and also to take her out once in a while.