Four Killed Along the Eldoret-Webuye Highway

Four people siphoning oil from a tanker involved in an accident

Four Killed Along the Eldoret-Webuye Highway
oil tanker explodes

An accident has been reported along the Eldoret-Webuye Highway where four people who were reportedly siphoning fuel from the tanker exploded. According to eye witnesses, the tanker lost control and rammed into an incoming matatu that had passangers along the highway.

Locals within the scene rushed with jerrycans and buckets with the intention of siphoning the tanker, ignoring any caution. The police officers joined at the scene to protect the freight the oblivious locals from funneling the oil. They engaged in battles involing teargas in attempt to disperse the crowd. 

The altercation resulted to the tanker exploding. The witnesses have revealed that two people died instantly while the other two died while recieving treatments in a nearby hospital. The locals say that the fire was triggered by the continous teargas lobbed by the officers. Scores of victims are still recieving medication from the injuries sustained from the fire burns.

Death cases from carelessness such as these have become rampant despite numerous campaignst rushing to explosive tankers.