Fun Activities to do While Stuck at Home

Staying at home has made people feel stuck at home and feeling bored since they cannot go out and mingle due to the COVID rules and regulations

Fun Activities to do While Stuck at Home

Celebrations are no longer being done with multitudes, rather with the family only. We cannot invite relatives over and people cannot gather together. Despite all this, you can still have fun in-house, with your family. You can engage in a few activities, at home, to make sure you all are lively and are enjoying your stay at home.

Cooking and baking.

Cooking and baking includes different steps that may require different people performing the different tasks in it. Involving the kids and teens in making the dough or preparing the meats for cooking would make you strengthen the bond and handle the tension with ease.

Home DIY tasks

There are so many items you can make at home that will help you either make work easier or help decorate your home or make items you never had while at home. For example making door mats or bags. They could earn you a few coins. You can also make wall decorations and make your home look more beautiful.

Fitness challenge.

Now that you will performing tasks from home, will mean you will not be moving around the city and that will mean adding a few calories to what you already have. Since you cannot enroll for gym, you could download an app or find a youtube channel to subscribe to so that you keep your fitness in check.

Play different indoor games.

You could find at the counter board games meant to entertain you while at home. Chess, monopoly and poker cards are most popular but with the current technology, you could find more interesting games to engage yourself in.

Learn a creative hobby.

You could choose to be creative and learn other things like bead making, crocheting, calligraphy, bullet journaling, soap making, candle making and many more creative hobbies.