KICD Set To Release New Literature And Fasihi Set-books

The new introduction is set to be effected on Form Three learners who will be joining next year, marking an end to the current set-books that have been in use since 2018.

KICD Set To Release New Literature And Fasihi Set-books
A set of Literature and Fasihi books that have been in use currently. [Photo/ Courtesy]

Kenya Institute of Curriculum Development (KICD) has announced its decision to phase out Literature and Fasihi set books unveiled in 2018.

"The literary texts should be submitted for secondary Form Three and Four students and teacher trainees in teacher training colleges...," stated KICD CEO Charles Ong'ondo.

As a result, publishers have been called to submit their works in printed formats subject to an evaluation this month. For English, a novel, short stories' anthology, and a play will be required.

For Fasihi, tamthilia (play), riwaya (novel) and hadithi fupi (short stories) submissions have been called. The new set-books will start being used in April 2022, by the Form Threes who will be joining by then given the distracted school calendar.

For those intending to submit their works for review, a review fee of Sh140,000 will be required, after which the successful applicants will pay another Sh100,000 as a correction fee according to KICD's guidelines.

To avoid corruption allegations that have previously been raised over the selection process, a blind tendering process will be employed. 

Through blind tendering, publishers will submit their works in spiral-bound manuals. The submissions should not include the publisher's name, book's title, or even the author's identity.