Late Bundi`s Surviving Children Locked Out of their Home By Uncle

Two surviving children of late Donald Bundi who was involved in a road accident in December 2021 are now stranded at the Coast General Hospital in Mombasa county after their remaining uncle locked them out of their home claiming that he doesn't know their existence.

Late Bundi`s Surviving Children Locked Out of their Home By Uncle

Bundi's brother Dennis Nyambweno allegedly locked up the house in an apparent feud over the deceased's properties, according to reports from the late Veronica's sisters.

Other reports revealed that the children aged 10years and  3 years were discharged from the hospital last week and up to now have nowhere to go.

                                Two Surviving Bundi`s Children. PHOTO FB

“The children have been discharged since last week but we do not know where to go if the door is locked by their father’s brother…so accessing the house is difficult and we cannot even have a change of clothes for the children,” said the children’s aunt.

After his late brother's funeral, Nyambweno allegedly grabbed possession of his late brother's properties and abandoned the children.

Neighbors' attempts to contact Nyambweno bore no fruits useless as he continued ignoring their calls.

Nyambweno admitted that he holds the keys to the house where two of their other siblings now live, but he denied neglecting his brother's children.

“I am surprised people are saying I have locked the door yet I open the door daily and there are even people sleeping there,” Nyambweno said.

Ronald Bundi Mauncho, his wife Veronica Ogake Bundi, and three of their children Marion Moraa Bundi, Natalia Kemunto Bundi, Claire Kwamboka Bundi perished from a road accident at Mackinnon area on the Mombasa-Nairobi highway were buried on January 7, 2022, at Nyakegogi in Kisii county, while the other children were still in the hospital recovering from their fractured injuries on the legs and hands.

The five family members died while they were traveling to Kisii for the Christmas festivities when their car hit head-on at Engwata Area at 4 a.m.

Moraa, a fourth-year student at Mombasa's Star of Sea, died a week after the accident while being treated at Coast General Hospital.