Man Receives Mob Justice After Raping Woman

A middle-aged man is nursing wounds in hospital after he got mob justice for allegedly raping a woman.

Man Receives Mob Justice After Raping Woman

The man who is said to have threatened to kill the young woman before sexually assaulting her is set to be charged in court.

A police report states that the victim and her friend got off a matatu and went to their respective homes when she encountered the accused.

"After she alighted a matatu in the company of her friend, they parted ways with each going to their respective homes. On her way, she met a middle-aged man who passed her and after a few meters, he turned back and followed her, whereby he threatened with a knife and led her to a nearby bush and forcefully raped her," the police report stated.

The victim encountered an unidentified individual who was going in the opposite direction while she was on her way.

After the incident, the victim went to her friend's house and told her about the occurrence. The friend agreed to accompany her to a local hospital but on their way there, the two women encountered the suspect.

The women raised alerted the public which resulted in the suspect being subjected to mob justice.

The victim was taken to Romkan Hospital, where she was treated and released at fair condition.

The suspect was rushed to Thika Level 5 Hospital for medical attention after receiving a beating from the angry locals.

Police are investigating the matter and the victim will face the charges in court.