Omondi Praises Kuria on His Appointment as Trade CS

Eric Omondi, a controversial cross-dresser, has come out to praise Moses Kuria, the newly appointed cabinet secretary for Trade and Industry, for being an important figure in society, particularly throughout his career.

Omondi Praises Kuria on His Appointment as Trade CS

Taking to his Instagram account, Eric Omondi recognized the former Gatungu South MP's efforts towards helping him and other youths in the country achieve their dreams.

He also narrated how Kuria helped him 8 years ago when he was taking his trip to the United States with the famous comedian Vincent Muasya popularly known as Chipukeezy and other parts of the world. Chipukeezy also disclosed how he traveled to the US for the first time courtesy of the former Gatundu MP Moses Kuria around 2018/17.

Eric Omondi & Chipukeezy. PHOTO FILE

"Moses has been supporting me and a load of young people over the years. I remember 8 years ago when He sponsored our first USA tour with chipukeezy to New York, Dallas and later Joined us in Vegas on Memorial day for our show," Omondi stated.

Omondi also stated that Kuria stood by him when he opened his production company and also went along to help many youths.

Eric Omondi. PHOTO FILE

"When I opened my offices and Big Tyme Productions and soo many people fought for its closure, Moses must have called me only a thousand and one times to Encourage and advise me. With his Fanaka TV he supported numerous youths through employment and Internships, this I witnessed," Omondi stated.

He further disclosed that they keep in touch at least twice every month.

Eric Omondi appreciated President William Ruto for appointing Moses Kuria as the CS Trade and affirmed that he was the right person for the position.

"I am happy because I know if there is anyone who will deliver in matters of governance and trade for this Nation, Moses will be that man. He has touched base with the young Entrepreneurs of this Nation and understands the role perfectly. Thank your Mr. President," Eric added.

On September 27, President Ruto named his members of cabinet secretaries and among them was Moses Kuria who replaced Betty Maina.

Kuria inherits several projects in the works, including the Kenya-US free trade agreement. Kenya and the United States of America renewed their Strategic Trade and Investment Partnership in July 2022.

President William Ruto & CS Trade, Moses Kuria. PHOTO FILE