Musician Ringtone Apoko Boasts A Net Worth of Kshs. 50 Billion

During an interview with one of Kenya's media personalities, Ringtone Apoko, the self-proclaimed chairman of the gospel musician, revealed a lot about his personal life, including his net worth, which he claims is higher than that of almost all musicians in Kenya.

Musician Ringtone Apoko Boasts A Net Worth of Kshs. 50 Billion
Musician, Ringtone Apoko

Ringtone went on to say that his net worth was Kshs. 50 billion, which included all of his properties as well as his clothing and accessories.

"Mimi net worth yangu mi nadhani pesa zangu nikipiga zote pamoja nadhani nakua kama Kshs. 50 billion... Mimi lifestyle yangu naeza fika kama Kshs. 50 billion," Ringtone revealed.

Ringtone acknowledged KRG the don's net worth of Kshs. 5 billion but stated that he should not be compared to him because he was on a higher level.

During an interview with a media station in Kenya, KRG the Don stated that he was approaching a net worth of Kshs. 5 billion but did not reveal the source of his wealth.

"I am approaching 5 billion, pesa iko hiidunia," KRG the Don stated.

Ringtone stated that he was filthy rich and that it was evident according to his lifestyle. 

"Mimi ni tajiri sana. Maisha yangu yanajionyesha," Ringtone stated.

Earlier this year, Ringtone revealed that he got his wealth from visiting schools and selling CDs. During an interview in one of the media stations in Kenya, Ringtone revealed that through the selling of the CDs, he would make up to Kshs. 500,000 per week.

"I am an artist who uses his brain. Jalas I met you 10 years ago when I used to tour 10 schools per week. Every school I would go [to] I got more than Sh500,000. Those are the people that gave me the money," Ringtone stated.

Ringtone also touched on offering Kenyan comedian, Eric Omondi a job at his home in Runda. Ringtone stated that he would give him a bedsitter at his compound where he would get to stay and enjoy the privileges he would give to him including free wifi.

He also criticized his latest nylon outfit stating that he had worn garbage papers that they used in the Runda estate. Eric Omondi was seen dressed in a nylon outfit as he headed for an event in Kampala, Uganda on October 28.

Eric Omondi dressed in a nylon outfit. PHOTO FILE

According to Apoko, Eric Omondi should not brag about having many followers as it is only money that matters.