NMS Overnight Demolitions in Njiru Leave Two Men Dead

Two men have been reported to have died mysteriously after NMS demolished their houses overnight.

NMS Overnight Demolitions in Njiru Leave Two Men Dead
Homeless residents helplessly look at their destroyed property

The Nairobi Metropolitan Services (NMS) overnight demolitions in Njiru, Nairobi County has left 5,000 residents homeless while two men have now been reported dead. One the men is said to have died at the scene, after arriving from work and finding all his property destroyed. The neighbours say he was repaying a loan that he had taken to buy and manage his property.Residents of Njiru have been frustrated over the demolitions conducted by NMS stating that they had not been given an eviction notice and were ambushed when they saw bulldozers descending on their houses at night. 

"NMS and the government should have given us sufficient notice considering we had bought lands. That way, we would have been prepared on where to go. Many people are physically and mentally affected with some even sleeping outside," one of the residents said.  The residents also added that the government did not care about and the elected leaders only cared about their own lives at the expense of Kenyans.

Madaraka MP George Aladwa has condemned NMS demolitions saying that the citizens were undergoing tough economic  times caused by Covid and was so inhumane to evict them from their homes.

"While I welcome all the intended development projects in our sub-county from both the county and national government, it is hard to understand the motivation behind evicting people from their homes at a time when the President has announced cessation of movement in and out of Nairobi. How will the affected look for new homes at a time when the same government has restricted movement?" he posed.