“None of My Family Members will Work at the White House” Joe Biden Says

Us President Joe Biden has pledged to the public that none of his family members will be employed at the Whitehouse as a staff.

“None of My Family Members  will Work at the White House” Joe Biden Says
US President Joe Biden and family members

According to Biden, his administration will more closely resemble former Us President Barrack Obama's reign and not like Former president Donald trump whose rule was full of family members involved.

Biden & his children source Twitter

Trump’s family members had a significant role in his administration, with his daughter Ivanka Trump and son-in-law Jared Kushner working as senior White House advisers, although they waived government salaries. 

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Hunter Biden announced in December that the U.S. attorney’s office in Delaware was investigating him and his finances to see if he violated tax and money laundering laws.

To strengthen ethics in his first days as president, President Biden established an ethics pledge for appointees that includes a two-year lobbying ban and restrictions on golden parachutes and shadow lobbying.

Joe Biden & Wife Jill Biden Source Twitter

Biden was sworn into power on the 20th of January alongside his vice President Harris Kamala in the absence of Donald Trump. 
The two are now up to their game to outdo Donald Trump's rule which was terminated shortly after Trump was impeached.