Three Of the Kenyans Abducted By Al-Shabaab Rescued

Kenyan security forces and Somalian security forces have worked together in staging a successful rescue operation for the people kidnapped in Mandera County.

Three Of the Kenyans Abducted By Al-Shabaab Rescued

The rescue operation by both Kenya and Somalia led to the release of three hostages who had been kidnapped by alleged Al-Shabaab terrorists.

The fourth individual who is the driver of the ambulance is still being held by the Al-Shabaab militants

On Tuesday, four people had been kidnapped after Al-Shabaab ambushed the ambulance they were riding in on Lafey Road.

Fatima Noor, the head of ambulance services in Mandera County, disclosed that the car was ambushed along the Lafey route in Kurkura village, close to Elwak.

Mandera County Commissioner Onesmus Kyatha confirmed the event and said arrangements to rescue the three Kenyans back from Somalia were underway and they will most likely be sent home today or tomorrow.

During the attack, there were four people inside the Mandera County ambulance that was connected to Lafey Health Centre, including two doctors.

The three who have been rescued include patient Moulid Abdi, his relative Aden Dai, and paramedic Abdirashid Billow Hussein from the Lafey hospital.

Mohamed Abdiker, a member of parliament from Lafey, praised the Somalian security forces and Kenyan police for a job well done.

Onesmus Kyatha, the county commissioner for Mandera, further stated that he is working with his counterpart in the Gedo region of Somalia to guarantee the driver and the ambulance get home safely.

According to reports, the ambulance's driver is the one who ferried the terrorists to their rumored refuge in the interior of Somalia.