What is the difference?

Popular cultural drinks, now called illicit brew, "Muratina" and "Busaa'

What is the difference?
Traditional drinks in Kenya

Both drinks are traditional from two different tribes, muratina for the Agikuyu and Busaa for the Lughya. The one similar thing may be the occations in which they were taken, who prepared or even pertook. 

Muratina is made from fruits from Kigelia Africana porpularly known as "sausage tree", honey, sugar cane and a times sugar is added. The farmented mixture  is prepared for a week . 

Busaa, on the other side, is made from milled maizeand  germinated millet malt (kimera), sorghum or molases. The combination is also set to ferment through a series of preparations. 

Both drinks were  popular during social events, both were taken in traditional bowls and long straws were used in each occation.

Other traditions such as the Maasai take fresh blood from animals during social and special events.