Why Public Toilet Doors Don’t Reach the Floor

Many times, you visit public washrooms but do you ever find much time to know why their doors don’t reach down the floor? Well, perhaps you've ever observed this but you have unanswered questions good luck to you that today I have the solutions.

Why Public Toilet Doors Don’t Reach the Floor

Below are the main reasons why Public Toilet Doors do hang.

  1. Keeps people in Check: When these doors don’t reach down, they discourage bad immorality in the toilet such as Sex, drug abuse, and many more. This is because a person of a good sound mind won't do that because they believe someone will be watching them, and trust me no one wants to be embarrassed in public.

       2.Easier cleaning: Cleaning is much easier in such a toilet and this less time is spent cleaning and scrubbing the board.

       3.Cheap to Construct: This would be much cheaper to the owner because less labor and materials are used.   

  4. It's easier to see someone doing their work: I mean as the next patient you won't spend much time aligning waiting or either knocking on the door to find out if at all there is someone inside.

    5. It won't go unnoticed if there is a medical emergency: In case someone develops critical conditions while in the toilet, he/she will be easily noticed and saved with the minimal time possible