Attention Ladies Here are 5 Natural Ways to Prevent Unwanted Pregnancies

Several times women become bitter and desperate after getting unwanted pregnancies but hey today here are the natural ways of how to prevent unwanted pregnancies in women.

Attention Ladies Here are 5 Natural Ways to Prevent Unwanted Pregnancies

Research reveals that most women have abandoned the use of Contraceptive pills, coil, and other ways of preventing pregnancies due to their side effects.

Well below are the natural ways a woman can use to prevent early unplanned pregnancies. The answers are in your groceries.

NOTE: no family planning method is 100% effective. So, the best way to prevent unwanted pregnancy is to always practice safe s*x.

Vitamin C Foods: Make it a habit of taking Vitamin C foods such as Lemon fruits and other vitamin C foods. This is because properties that can inhibit the production of progesterone hormones and elevate oestrogen hormone levels


This is a type of spice that has been in use for many years and has been proven to be the most effective reason being it induces uterine contractions, thus triggering menstruation.

NOTE: Regular consumption of Cinnamon can make it effective in birth control.


Make yourself ginger tea with the ginger solution and witness the great results later.

Ginger increases the heat in your body which can trigger uterus muscle contractions and this can lead to periods.

Unripe Pineapple: Consume this daily I mean regularly to see the results of uterine contractions, hence menstrual flow.

Note: Consumption of pineapples is usually not recommended for pregnant women. Pineapple contains an enzyme known as bromelain that leads to abnormal bleeding in the uterus, thus leading to miscarriage when consumed within the first three months of the pregnancy.


It has been discovered that unripe papaya is loaded with papain enzymes that ensure the production of progesterone hormones responsible for protecting pregnancy in women

All these natural remedies are safe and use them until you see your periods.