Brazil Records Highest Number Of Covid-19 Deaths

According to the Brazil health ministry over 3700 Covid-19 deaths bring the country`s tally to more than 317,600 deaths.

Brazil Records Highest Number Of Covid-19 Deaths

According to data from the country`s health ministry, Brazil on Tuesday reported a record of 3,780 deaths due to Coronavirus in the past 24 hours.

The data showed that the country`s overall case tally had reached 12.65 million with the addition of 84,494 new infections whereas 11 million recoveries were recorded.

The death toll rose to 317646 deaths after Tuesday`s additions. Brazil which has a population of about 213 million has become the second most affected country by the pandemic after the US.  The country has undergone tough times in recent weeks brought about by high occupancies in the intensive care unit and the introduction of a more deadly and contagious variant that is thought to have originated in Amazonas state.

The average daily death toll in the past one week was about 2,600 and the number of cases was more than 75,000.

Due to this Brazil`s president, Jair Bolsonaro on Tuesday signed an executive order to disburse 5.3 billion in new loans to fight the Covid-19 pandemic. This record of deaths proves that Brazil accounts for about a quarter of Covid-19 daily deaths worldwide more than any other country.