Dear Mr President, Unlock Our Country

Frustrated Kenyans beg for immediate reopening of the country due to increased cases of hunger and joblessness.

Dear Mr President, Unlock Our Country

Low and middle class Kenyans from the departments of hospitality, entertainment, tourism and education have pleaded with the president to unlock the country so as to regain their already lost jobs. 

The frustrated Kenyans moved to social media where their shared their depression and turned down projects.

Nadia Mukami an African popstar and a popular artist tweeted that she has a show in Busia next and therefore asked the president to unlock the country so as to accomplish the already scheduled project.

Nyamari Ongegu popularly known as Nyashinski was also not left behind. He shared a photo of him frustrated on his bed.

Majority of the hoteliers and their employees confessed losing their jobs immediately the Friday’s announcement was made.

“2.5M people lost their livelihoods during Friday's careless, uninformed, passive and ignorant address! The ripple effect is of an even bigger magnitude!! We are talking massive numbers. I'm personally affected,” shared by an anonymous source.

Students from various varsities begged the president to unlock the country allow them finish school and graduate as some have overstayed in the universities for close to seven years.

Small scale businessmen whose businesses only boom in the evenings said they have been left jobless with no promises to settle bills, pay rents as well as feed their hungry families.

While requesting for their freedom back, the frustrated business operators said that coronavirus does not operate from the 8:00 pm to 5am curfew as opposed to the times when the pro and anti- BBI campaigns were run all over the country before the surge in numbers.

Unfortunately, it was also recorded that as the country is able to fund projects towards developing ‘important agenda’ such as BBI and MCAs, it has no sufficient funds to buy oxygen cylinders for the hospitals.

Hospitals have also started running out of the covid-19 vaccine as the Agha Khan University Hospital suspends the vaccination exercise due to lack of stock.

However, some seemed to support the ongoing lockdown comparing the country’s economy and that of other countries who bury thousands of their energetic workforce due to the disease.

“Brazil is bleeding, they are burying loved ones in mass graves. Mark you, their economy is 10 times bigger than ours but still, the country is bleeding. Those shouting #unlockourcountry are arguing from an ignorant point of view. I support partial lockdown,” read a tweet.