CS Machogu Tells Public Universities To Find Ways Of Raising Own Funds

Ezekiel Machogu, the Cabinet Secretary for Education, has asked the nation's universities to place a stronger emphasis on research and innovation in order to raise money to administer their programs.

CS Machogu Tells Public Universities To Find Ways Of Raising Own Funds

The CS spoke on Monday morning at a consultative gathering of CEOs of Semi-Autonomous Government Agencies (SAGAS), including the Higher Education Loans Board (HELB), Commission on University Education (CUE), and Kenya Universities and Colleges Central Placement Service (KUCCPS).

CS Machogu advised universities to reduce their administrative and staff structures to raise money for university development.

The CS encouraged the CEOs to look into improved reform processes in the University Sector in order to have a clear path ahead in developing the sector.

He also advised the leaders of the agencies to focus on performance targets to track the advancement of university education.

He expressed gratitude to the university's stakeholders for their efforts to ensure that students receive high-quality education and made a commitment to regularly engage in the sector's performance goals.

Other CEOs in the meeting include the National Commission of Science, Technology, and Innovation (NACOSTI), the Kenya National Innovation Agency (KeNIA), the National Research Fund (NRF), the Universities Funding Board (UFB), and the National Bi-National Commission (NBC).

On November 5, CS Machogu said that the government will no longer support public institutions and colleges.

Machogu urged higher education institutions to discover ways to raise money on their own in order to survive rather than relying on government funding.

“We are encouraging that they must generate their own revenue because the ex-checker as it is right now is not going to be able to continue funding more because in Kenya education takes 25.9pc, so we have to find other ways of creating and generating revenue for universities and they have to look at other revenue streams,” Machogu said.