Gladys Shollei Says Police Should Wear Body Cameras

Gladys Boss Shollei, the deputy speaker of the National Assembly, suggested on Monday, November 7, police officers nationwide should start wearing body cameras to combat corruption.

Gladys Shollei Says Police Should Wear Body Cameras

Shollei said on television that the body camera will increase accountability and transparency inside the police service. She claimed that some remandees are denied justice owing to a shortage of qualified personnel and wind up paying bribes simply to be given a hearing in court when she was speaking about the judiciary's fight against corruption.

"That can be cured by making sure police officers wear body cameras so that we can see what they are doing every time they interact with the public. That is the direction we should be going," she said.

The Uasin Gishu MP made a number of proposals while also expressing confidence that the judiciary is moving in the right direction in its fight against corruption.

She continued by saying that eliminating corruption in the judiciary must be a constant process and that numerous systems must be put in place.

Shollei hoped that initiatives like adding CCTV cameras and digitizing register data would come to pass.

George Musamali, a security expert, however, disagreed with the Member of Parliament regarding how body cams might reduce corruption.

"Body cams cannot help stop graft but can help gauge the performance of the police, to see whether they are following and applying the law," he stated.

He continued by saying that the body cams will serve as extra checks on the officers, for example during patrols and during making arrests of individuals.

"Our officers can have body cams on them to prevent them from conducting extra-judicial killings or arresting innocent people during patrols. It's the right way to go," Musamali continued.