Myanmar Militants Order an Indefinite Twitter and Instagram Shutdown

Myanmar has in the last few been caught in political turbulence after militants overthrew the government citing their dissatisfaction with the recent poll results.

Myanmar Militants Order an Indefinite Twitter and Instagram Shutdown
A preview of unresponsive Twitter page. [Photo/ CNN]

Myanmar's new regime controlled by militants yesterday directed all internet service providers and mobile network operators to ensure Instagram and Twitter, were not accessible countrywide until the government decides otherwise.

The new directive follows another one on Thursday that called upon suspension of Facebook until February 7, 2021. 

When contacted, the Communications and Information Technology ministry did not rush to comment on the latest directive but confirmed that Facebook had been blocked for the sake of national peace.

The Twitter spokeswoman expressed her shock over the military's order, with the Facebook spokesperson confirming having already disabled Instagram as directed.

The decision to disable Twitter and Instagram was reached upon after thousands of Myanmar citizens flocked them protesting the Monday coup as well as Aung San Suu Kyi's detention, and after Facebook was banned.

Myanmar people have continued pressing for Aung's release and also respect for the November 2020 election where Aung won. 

Military officers have since described Aung's win as unwarranted, citing that the elections were marred by a lot of fraud. On the other hand, the electoral commission has stood its ground that the elections were fair and credible.