Nairobi Police Boss Mugera Refutes Claims of Increased Crime in Nairobi Areas

Nairobi police boss James Mugera refuted claim that there has been cases of increased crimes in some parts of the country and especially in Nairobi.

Nairobi Police Boss Mugera Refutes Claims of Increased Crime in Nairobi Areas

Speaking to a popular TV station in the country on Thursday, November 10, Mugera claimed that the reports were meant to tarnish President William Ruto's new administration.

He noted that only nine incidents of violent robberies were reported to the police in September and October 2022.

He however, urged Nairobi residents to remain calm as they go about their daily activities.

"There is no spike in crime. What changed is the political leadership. We have a new President, Parliament and Cabinet but the same service offered by the police.

"We have always been working. There was no lacuna whatsoever," Mugera argued. 

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Amotorist with Cracked Windscreen after he was attaked by Thugs along  Langata-Ngong Road. PHOTO SCRIBES KENYA

He recalled the other instances that had been reported over the previous few months, including the most recent stabbing that resulted in the death of a university student in Ridgeways estate. Two motorcycle thugs ambushed the young person.

"We have had criminals snatching valuables like phones, laptops, and money from unsuspecting public members using motorbikes. This has been the cause of uproar among Kenyans," he explained.

"For instance, in the incident in Lucky Summer, we realised the weapon was used in three other cases after we completed our investigations," he added.

Mugera further pleaded with the populace to avoid reusing previous police reports on illegal activity. He cited an instance that occurred outside of Kenya but that he said was extensively discussed.

"We have seen some of these reports are recycled. I noted some of them were reported the previous months and investigations were ongoing," Mugera clarified.

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His statement comes at atime aviral man on social media warned members of teh public to be very vilinat addingthat there has been caaes of increased insecurity in some parts of Nairobi.

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The places are :around Koja Market,Kasarani , Mwiki, Pangani,KCA, Drive In,Railways,Dagoretti,Alsoaps,National Archives, Thika Road, Central Business District {CBD} and areas along Fig tree.

The man added that kenyans need to be extremely watchful while in those locations since robbers often attack or kill innocent Kenyans by stabbing or shooting them.