Why the Death of a president is not Announced Immediately

Perhaps you’ve been wondering why the death of prominent leaders is normally kept as secrets from the public for a period of some time. Here are the main reasons that you should know.

Why the Death of a president is not Announced Immediately

  1. Panic to the Nation: it is believed that such a message will always send sudden panic and shock to the nation. The citizens might also claim that the president was assassinated and therefore to avoid all the allegations the demise of presidents must be delayed.

2.Concrete Evidence: The relevant officials must always carry out their investigations on what caused the death of the prominent leader. This helps them in breaking the news to the citizens because when the news is announced, people would want to know the reason immediately.

Tanzania`s Flag

However, this article relates to what happened in Tanzania where president John Pombe Magufuli went missing out of the public site on 27th February.

He was rumored to have been brought to Nairobi Kenya for treatment and further taken to India when his condition deteriorated.

Unfortunately, a piece of sad news was announced on Wednesday 17th by the then vice president Samia Suluhu that president Magufuli was dead due to heart disease.

 Magufuli will be laid to rest on March 25th however his vice president Samia Suluhu was sworn in on March 19th as the 6th Tanzania's president.

Tanzania's President Samia Suluhu Photo Courtesy 

She becomes among the thin-lined category of African women in a high-rank position leading in Africa.

May Late President John Pombe Magufuli rest in eternal peace.