5 Major Tips of How to take care of A two Year Old Baby

Raising two-year-old babies tends to be quite tiresome. This is because at this age they tend to be more stubborn and as they want to experience everything in their life. Some parents get frustrated once their babies hit this age.

5 Major Tips of How to take care of A two Year Old Baby

Well as aparent the following tips will help you to raise and discipline a two-year-old baby.

1. Ignore Unwanted Behaviors

The preoperational stage of cognitive development is experienced by two-year-olds. They literally pick up new skills by repeatedly performing old ones.
Act as though it doesn't matter if they have learned a foul phrase from you (never!), your husband, or the older child who lives next door.

Children under the age of two aren't fully able to comprehend why speaking the word makes you angry; instead, they will just consider your instant response. which is not how you generally behave. They will therefore repeat that word since they find your response to be so fascinating.

Remember that they are learning by repetition in this manner. For instance, they could want to keep playing the same game. And even though it is monotonous to us, they are actually fortifying neural connections through repetition.

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2. Surprise them with the unexpected

On the other hand, they totally relish unexpected responses. Therefore, as long as it's not a behavior you want to discourage, amuse them with amusing antics.

Note: Anything unexpected will delight your two-year-old and again, it’s how they learn, so you are laying the foundation for a good sense of humor.

You should forget the word "don't" for the entire year that your child is two, or three, or maybe even four.

Never tell them what they shouldn't do; only ever tell them what they should.

3. Break Down Big Requests

Break the task down into one or two steps at a time rather than asking your youngster to put on their shoes, which requires several steps.

4. Name and Acknowledge Their Emotions

Children as young as two are discovering what emotions are and expressing them in more primitive ways than those that are socially acceptable.

It's crucial to instill in children the knowledge that emotions are acceptable and that they should be allowed to be felt.

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5.Put them in control of something to capitalize on their growing sense of independence. Their sense of mastery will increase as a result.

This is a terrific trick for getting a two-year-cooperation old's (and that of older youngsters too!).

Have them participate in whatever it is that you need to do. When you must leave the house, give them control of the garage door opener. Alternatively, ask them to point out the products you need at the grocery shop.