7 Most Successful Women In Cryptocurreny

One of the areas in finance technology that women are establishing strong footing, is cryptocurrency and blockchain overall, an area that has experienced exponential growth in recent years. 

7 Most Successful Women In Cryptocurreny
7 Most Successful Women In Cryptocurreny
7 Most Successful Women In Cryptocurreny
7 Most Successful Women In Cryptocurreny
7 Most Successful Women In Cryptocurreny
7 Most Successful Women In Cryptocurreny
7 Most Successful Women In Cryptocurreny

The best place for women who want to make an earning and a name for themselves is the blockchain domain. Women who have made an achievement in crypto have created a positive mindset for the women who are willing to discover themselves.

An element that comes out very clearly, is that all those women that have succeeded in blockchain and cryptocurrency have a deep passion for this new part of the fintech industry, thus making it easier for them to grow. “Choose a job you love and you will never have to work a day in your life.” Confucius.

Amongst t those women who have made it in cryptocurrency and have been an inspiration to other women include:

Lucy Gazmararian
Associate director of PWC crypto and fintech advisory, Lucy Gazmarian, was identified as the woman to watch’ by the women’s foundation 30% club. She is passionate and dynamic. She helps to create partnerships and help build networks in the crypto and blockchain ecosystem in Asia. She’s an active advocate of women in technology 

She has been a major contribution to financial institutions and crypto exchanges. She has offered advisory services to these firms which include: policies that govern crypto assets, the procedure to raise capital, and licensing procedures. Being in a team of PWC Hong Kong that was part of auditors of a public listed crypto exchange has made her a recognizable figure in the world of cryptocurrency.

Susan Crew
She is a content creator in the cryptocurrency world. What sets her above all the other content creators is that she provides fundamental advice to her learners through videos.  

She delves deeply into the cryptocurrency aspects by offering analysis of the cryptocurrency market, techniques in trading, and initial coin offering. She has gathered a lot of knowledge from her longtime experience of working with Citi Investec and Commonwealth bank.

Sofie Blakstad
The founder and chief executive officer of Hiveonline, Sofie is an experienced entrepreneur and an expert in economics.  She also gives advice to international bodies such as the United Nations regarding blockchain and cryptocurrency.  

She endeavors to bring women and new entrepreneurs from countries that are less fortunate into the blockchain. Her experience in the financial sector has given her an edge in improving the financial position of individuals.

 Throughout her career, she has been able to make multiple payment systems and several core banking systems. 

Simone Maini
She is the chief executive officer of Elliptic; a blockchain analysis company. She has been able to turn her company from a small venture into a world-class company that focuses on preventing illegal activity on the blockchain. Through her company, she is able to safeguard the interests of those ready to invest in the cryptocurrency, but who are unaware of the loopholes and pitfalls that might present themselves through unscrupulous traders. Thus, she is able to help businesses to meet regulatory compliance internationally, manage the risks, and protect them from crime.

Elizabeth Kukka
The executive director of Ethereum Classics Labs, Elizabeth is responsible for the operation of the accelerator, investment committee, and networking. She is world-renowned throughout the world having been featured in global media shows including coin desk, live bitcoin news, Silicon Valley insider podcast, the crypto globalist, and Ethereum classic show.

By leveraging her vast network of executives and investors, Elizabeth helps to guide entrepreneurs to venture on social impacts projects. This is because of her long-term experience and expertise as a coach and manager in several places. Through her position in Ethereum classic labs, she is able to support and help start-ups in the blockchain. 

She has offered talks in international stages on subjects that extend from crypto hedge fund investing, Ethereum classics, and women in tech. One of the most recent talks includes the one she gave in elev8, a conference in silicon women for women in engineering.

Lenka Hudakova
Lenka is an events manager at maker foundation. She has had the opportunity to meet women who have made it in cryptocurrency. Because of this, she believes that a cryptocurrency is a superb form of investment even to women.

 Working as an events manager implies that she orchestrates team participation in conferences all over the world helping the world to learn more about her organization.

Being an advocate of blockchain and cryptocurrency, Lenka helped more women to get into the crypto space by being a co-founder of the crypto women initiative. She also has a long time of experience in educating people about cryptocurrency.

Shadan Azali
The vice president of investor relations for Dispatch Labs, Shadan has also worked at Ally bank and the Bank of America as the head of corporate philanthropy initiatives.

Her business helps industries to create decentralized peer-to-peer applications. Her experience in the fintech industry, where very few women have made achievements, shows that with the right determination and passion as she has, women can scale heights in the blockchain. She helps women and young girls by offering mentorship, especially those getting into mathematics and computer.