Disputes Arises on who to be Nakuru UDA Regional Coordinator.

This dispute occurs between Ms Kihika and Mr Ngujiri on who should be the regional coordinator.

UDA Members Fight Over Party Slots
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1. UDA Members Fight Over Party Slots

The dispute between Senator Susan Kihika and Bahati MP Kimani Ngunjiri  for the control of UDA has led to several members leaving a local WhatsApp group called “Nakuru UDA Coordination WhatsApp” following bitter exchanges between the two factions.

These two members rivalled on who should be the regional coordinator. Mr Ngujiri prefers her daughter to take the rule while Senator Kihika's group differed choosing Rongai parliamentary Paul Chebor. " UDA hasn't conducted an election yet Mr Ngujiri wants to install his daughter as the county coordinator" Paul Chebor said.

Mr Ngunjiri; current chairman of Nakuru county lawmakers,

tried to cover up the issue saying, "UDA is very strong in Nakuru. The few teething problems will be addressed properly very soon,” 

He also added that UDA intends to maintain peace in Nakuru as they look forward to next year's general election.

Both Ms Kihika and Mr Ngunjiri 

have been positioning themselves as influencers of UDA politics in Nakuru, each seeking to win Dr Ruto’s approval.

However, DP Ruto urges all members to stay calm.