Nakuru Governor Offers Help To Mother Whose Children Ate Chameleons

Susan Kihika, Nakuru County Governor, has begun fulfilling the promises she made to the mother whose kids ate chameleons due to lack of food.

Nakuru Governor Offers Help To Mother Whose Children Ate Chameleons

According to the mother, her older son killed and cooked chameleons since he had nothing else to feed his siblings who were crying because of hunger but after consuming the stew, things took a turn for the worst. 

The children were taken to the hospital, where they were treated for food poisoning and released in stable conditions.

Citizens across the country were affected by the case, which prompted Kihika to step in and assist the woman and her children.

She promised to offer the woman employment with the county administration and relocation to a nicer home. In addition, they were to be given three months' worth of house rent and grocery shopping until she can care for her family on her own salary.

The governor promised to pay three months rent in her new house, take the children back to school and provide food for the first three months,"

"Her children will be taken back to school. They will be educated from primary to secondary school. Those who will opt for vocational training will also be supported," said the deputy director of communications in Nakuru county Kigotho Mwangi Kigotho.

Mwangi Kigotho continued by saying that the governor is now abroad, but she is keeping track of the situation.

Kihika honored her promises after the two children were released from the hospital. Kihika's team bought the family grocery and took them for furniture shopping.

Members of the public have commended the governor for stepping up to help the struggling family as they wait for the mother to be given employment.

“The mother to the two kids will be employed in the county at the environmental department. She will get a new house in the same locality and new bedding since her family never had any of this in their previous house.” said Kigotho.

The two and four-year-old Kuresoi North constituency siblings ate the chameleons that their older brother prepared for them.