Not Enough Evidence to Charge Matiang`i

The DPP has announced that the evidence provided against Matiang`i is not enough to charge him

Not Enough Evidence to Charge Matiang`i
Fred Matiangi

The Office of The Director Of Public Prosecution has said that the evidence provided by the DCI against Matiang`i and his lawyer Danstan Omari is not sufficient to post charges. Matiangi will not be charged over the publication of information on alleged Police raid at his home in Karen on 8th of February.

The ODPP has stated that from the analysis of the evidence provided, and the review of statements of the witnesses, the evidence was not enough to sustain the charges. The evidence did not meet the ingredients needed to prove each of the afore-mentioned offences as recuired by the law. 

The ODPP has directed for the file to be closed with no further police action.