Reactions As A Story Emerges on How Murang'a Man Was Swindled 700k in A Week

Just two days after a Murang'a man named Mzee Tom Ikonya narrated his story to one of the media houses in Kenya where he was swindled Kshs. 700, 000 by a lady, Kenyans on Twitter (KOT) have now embarked to talk about the story.

Reactions As A Story Emerges on How Murang'a Man Was Swindled 700k in A Week

The 60-year-old Mzee Ikonya narrated how he met a lady at one of the local pubs in Maragua town and they shared some light moments but within a week's time, he later came to discover that all the money he had in his account was gone leaving him hopeless.

According to Mzee Ikonya, the money he had acquired was a payment he received after disposing of one of his assets. Ikonya stated that he had several assets and being a way of welcoming himself into the real world as a pensioner, he decided to sell one of his properties.

"Not from a poor family, I own some assets here and there and, in my retirement, I decided to sell one of them so as to welcome myself into the world of senior citizens and pensioners," Ikonya.

After getting his money he then proceeded to Maragua town on November 10 to relax for a day or two and then venture out into the town in search of premises to start a boiled-meat business. He then later settled for a bar situated along Police Road for a beer or two, to quench his thirst.

"For those who know Maragua town well, it is a cardinal rule that if you are not streetwise, you make merry near a police station in case you find yourself staring at machetes in the hands of deranged teen criminals," he stated.

Within no time, Ikonya got company from several people at his table including females.

"I am a popular fella around here and it was not long before I had company, firstly males and then some females. With cash, my generosity goes up and within an hour, my table was a mini party," he recounted.

Here's a brief on how Ikonya spent his fortune with a lady he met at the bar.

Kenyans have come to express their concerns, especially to men who in most cases have fallen victim to such instances. Most men have also come up with the phrases 'Fear Women' with some encouraging other men that if they are to start any project, they should never involve women or the use of alcohol as it brings disgrace to them.

Ikonya is one of the many men who have fallen victim to such instances across the country. Here are some reactions to what Kenyans on Twitter had to say.