Jeff Mwathi`s Body to Be Exhumed

Exhuming of Jeff Mwathi Underway

Jeff Mwathi`s Body to Be Exhumed
Exhumation of Jeff Mwathi.

Jeff Mwathi,an interior designer, was found dead in Dj Fatxo`s Appartments, dead. The local  Mugithi musician was said to be offering a job opportunity to Jeff. He took him to several clubs before taking him home to his appartment. Jeff`s body was found lifeless on the ground with no trace of blood.

From Dj Fatxo`s statement, he alleges that Jeff committed suicide and that he was the one who repoted it to the police. However, there have been contradicting reports from his death even after his burrial. 

The police got the exhumation order after preliminary forensic investigations ruled out the suicide claims.  The process is taking place in Laikipia at his parent`s home where he was burried. 

The DCI are the ones carrying out the process. Government pathologist, Johansen Oduor will be conducting the autopsy from a tent set up aside a grave.

The Inspector General, while speaking on Sunday,assured that justice will prevail and the truth will be unveiled.